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Mrs. FDR Tells One, 1943/09/30

Published 1943

"Eleanor Roosevelt convulses audiences as she relates a whopper involving the Japs and her husband." sound of Mrs. Roosevelt speaking. (partial newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: Eva Vikstrom - - July 22, 2007
Subject: A Fighter in Red Cross Uniform
It's September 1943 and Mrs. Roosevelt is escorted by some officers into a building, probably on some camp. Then we see her standing on a stage, where she's introduced and tells this story:

"Just as the Marines were in order to leave Guadalcanal, an officer found a private, feeling very sad and looking very depressed. Then he said, "What's the matter with you?" And he said, "Oh, I just can't go home. I haven't shot a Jap!" So the officer said, "Well, listen! I'll tell you what to do. You go up to that ridge over there. Jump up, all of a sudden, and say 'To hell with Hirohito!' They'll jump up other people all around, and if you shoot first, you'll get Jap!". So he came by a little while later, and the /?/, still looking very loomy and he said,"Did you do what I told you?" "Yes, Sir! I ran up there, and I said what you told me to say, and I said, 'To hell with Hirohito!' And they jumped up, as you said they would, and they all shouted, "To hell with Roosevelt!".

Those days they could tell stories like that, about each being as stupid as the other.
on 3/2/2007